IRVINE, Calif. — Jeff Fisher’s profound respect for the national anthem was noticeable during a recent episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks”, which aired footage of a team meeting in which the Los Angeles Rams coach walked his players through the proper way to salute the flag before games. But Fisher wanted no part of the controversy that has engulfed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is sitting during the national anthem — his way to raise awareness for racial oppression in the United States.

Isner ended his answer — and his news conference — by declaring: “I’m a big Blaine Gabbert fan now,” a reference to another 49ers quarterback.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said he respected Kaepernick for speaking out, even if he wasn’t sure about the methods.

Berry is unlikely to play in Thursday night’s final preseason game against the Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead Stadium. But he said he would play, and play well, in the regular season opener on Sept. 11 against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead.

“I’m confident in that,’’ he said. “The only thing is just getting used to having so many bodies flying around, NFL bodies. You try to fill it in with high school players and other people that are just around playing. But it’s different when you have 11 guys on the field that know what they’re doing and know where to be. Things tend to move a little faster.’’

Berry referred to the workouts near his home in the Atlanta area that he conducted when the Chiefs were at training camp. In what can be taken as a sign of how serious Berry was about those workouts, he conducted them each day at the time the Chiefs were practicing without him.

“I tried to tailor things toward the way practice is structured and the way the game is structured,’’ he said. “I just tried to do everything I could on my end to make sure when I came here it could be as much [alike] as possible.’’

While the Chiefs were practicing, Berry was working out. When they were playing, he was watching, from afar on TV. The starting defense struggled in the first couple of preseason games without five starters, including Berry.

But he was cheered by the way the starting defense played against the Bears on Saturday. Playing just in the first half, the Chiefs allowed only 20 yards and two first downs.

“One thing about our team: We adjust very well,’’ Berry said. “You saw that in the Bears game. The problems we had early on, they get fixed. It’s just about making those adjustments and minimizing mistakes.’’