Game Womens Brent Celek Jersey J.J. Watt is expected to be back to his brutal and bloodied self this season.

That was the whole point of drafting the ultimate big-play security blanket in McCaffrey. He literally will catch anything Newton throws his way in open field and is capable of converting any of those catches into a chunk gain.

Along with fellow rookie Curtis Samuel — who also made his 2017 debut at wide receiver in the game — Newton can light up defenses in a different but equally effective way than the extended play lasers he used to throw to Ted Ginn and Philly Brown.

Every quarterback would be envious of Newton having the catch radius of Benjamin, ageless tight end Greg Olsen, an improved Devin Funchess and the unique quickness of McCaffrey and Samuel.

Tebow was slowly forced out of the league after a media frenzy surrounded him in Denver and New York, but with a career 47.9 percent completion percentage, the distraction that came with him was not worth it.

As for Vick, the distraction that came with his legal troubles was incredibly difficult to overcome, but his final season in the NFL before he went to jail included 20 touchdown passes in addition to 1,000 yards rushing from the quarterback spot. That was enough to earn him a second chance with the Eagles. He was a uniquely talented player, which in McCoy’s opinion, Kaepernick is not right now.

He’s 10 times better than Kaepernick, McCoy said of Vick. You’ll deal with that situation, that attention, that media aspect of it. The good, the bad attention you’ll get. Compared to Kaepernick, it’s like, he’s not really that good [enough] of a player to deal with.

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