Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo did not play Wednesday against the Suns because of right knee soreness.

I’m thankful for the NHL players who are like no other athletes on and off the ice. Phenomenal humans. Superheroes on skates.

Plus, there’s nothing better than drinking from the Stanley Cup. I did so the night the Rangers won the Cup. To this day, I can’t identify the liquid I was drinking, but why ruin a good story?

I’m most thankful for the shape of the game these days — the rush, the speed, the skill, the dearth of clutching-and-grabbing. It’s no coincidence that because the rules are being more strictly enforced, that the more talented players are getting more space and time to show us what they can do. A drop pass, a between-the-legs shot, a diving stick save. After all, these are the most talented all-around athletes in the world, so they should be able to show what they can do, right?

The forward suffered the injury Saturday during a win over the Philadelphia 76ers. He then missed Sunday’s victory at Brooklyn.

The crowd chanted “cupcake” all evening, and Durant even engaged in a verbal exchange with Russell Westbrook.

Durant said Tuesday it was a “pretty fun moment to be a part of” and added that he knows what to expect this time around.

“It’s just a regular game for me now,” he said. “I learned how to tune out the crowd, I learned how to tune out the bulls—.”

Durant had to tune out another slew of boos from the Chesapeake Energy Arena crowd as the Thunder fans loudly let him know they still remember he left the organization.