It carries some truth, in that Curry did submit one of the greatest offensive seasons in league history. But it’s not quite satisfactory as an explanation for why a 28-year-old superstar has dropped more than seven points in player efficiency rating, or why he was shooting less than 30 percent on pull-up 3-pointers, his defining skill. It’s an explanation that would make more sense if the expectations were based on a couple of hot weeks, or maybe even a month. It doesn’t make sense in the context of an entire season. There isn’t such a thing as an 82-game hot streak. Occam’s razor suggests the main reason for Curry’s drop-off was, of course, the transfer of power to Durant.

Kerr had resisted admitting as much. Four days before the Christmas Day game, he slyly answered, “Kevin [Durant],” when asked which Warriors All-Star had to undergo the biggest adjustment this season.

Game Womens Marcus Williams Jersey “We do a lot of stuff off the ball,” Kerr said. “So obviously with KD’s arrival, the dynamics changed a little bit. So, Steph has the ball a little less this year. So does KD.”

The Ravens have missed the playoffs and had non-winning seasons in three of the four seasons since they won Super Bowl XLVII. The last time that happened in Baltimore, coach Brian Billick was fired. Owner Steve Biscotti spared coach John Harbaugh this time around. There is institutional respect for Harbaugh’s work. But the general downward trend leaves outside observers to debate where he is headed: for a Bill Cowher-like second wind or for the end of a highly successful tenure that has run its course.

Game Womens Terrence Brooks Jersey The addition of Greg Roman as a senior offensive assistant/tight ends coach could serve as a balance to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s pass-happy playcalls. (The Ravens led the NFL with 679 pass attempts in 2016, while their 367 carries were the third-fewest.) General manager Ozzie Newsome could also help his defense by adding a pass-rusher, as Terrell Suggs approaches his 35th birthday and Elvis Dumervil (33) faces an uncertain future.