More and more jerseys are being unveiled in the lead up to the NBA season with the league switching from Adidas to Nike. So far, most jerseys have been shown off by teams on their social media accounts, but the Timberwolves might have had their new look leaked by an NBA 2K18 screenshot.
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Any time there’s a leak by way of video game you should take it with a pretty big grain of salt. For years talented people have been modding the PC version of the NBA 2K games in order to change jerseys, add players, and even re-work the entire thing and put Space Jam in the game — so the possibility is there to mock up something and make people believe they’re real.

That said, hopefully these jerseys are legit — because they’re awesome. The Timberwolves are in the middle of a rebranding, which began with a new logo back in April. Naturally new uniforms were coming, especially in light of the league’s switch to Nike.

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