Tuesday’s PFT Live included a discussion about Jon Gruden’s return to coaching, and the transition he’ll need to make in his first year back after nearly a decade away from the sideline. And Gruden’s biggest adjustment will come from the reduced access to players during the offseason, and reduced practice time in the offseason and preseason.

That’s likely why Gruden is streamlining his playbook, and simplifying his play calls. To illustrate the complexity, Chris Simms ratted off one of Gruden’s play calls on the air. It actually was the most authoritative and forceful Simms has been during his first year on the show.

I think he’s a very unpretentious guy, Walsh said. He’s real. That’s the way he is normally. He’s a decent guy. He looks you in the eye. He cares about the person he’s meeting. That’s not just a passing fancy for him. If he takes the time to stop and meet you, he really meets you.

Namath stayed out of the public eye for a while in the mid 2000s. After the embarrassing episode on ESPN with Suzy Kolber in 2003, he got treatment for alcohol and has not had a drink since.

Now, though, he is back in the spotlight and trying to shine it on the causes close to his heart.

Namath sees his 75th as another step in his journey. The man who navigated 16 fourth-quarter comebacks for the Jets believes he is still in the game. The old quarterback is planning on seeing 100.

And while he said his son is still submerged in rehab after last year’s spinal injury, he’s encouraged by the progress he has made so far and the support he’s gotten from others.

Vernon Shazier told Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com that Ryan is even driving a car to rehab appointments, though he often gets rides, including to the Steelers facility.

While there, the veteran linebacker is acting as a mentor and an inspiration, which his father refers to as: Finding a way to lead other than making tackles.

He’s been at Steelers OTAs, watching from a golf cart and helping young players as he can. He’s also stayed connected, helping with a football camp along with teamamte Jesse James.

He’s always around. He’s in meetings, I see him working in the training room, working in the weight room, James said. Just taking it one day at a time, doing his thing, helping the team as much as he can. . . .