Tom Brady on the sidelines looks like a Madden 18 glitch

Tom Brady didn’t play in the Patriots’ first preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t ready.

Just look at him on the sidelines. Yeah, he doesn’t have a football, but look at his agility and awareness in front of all the imaginary defenders coming at him. Put him in, coach! Julian Edelman seems to enjoy it.

Brady kind of looks like a glitch from the latest edition of Madden. We hope they get a patch for this before the release date, as cool as this kind of looks.

Glennon struggled, and that’s the nicest thing we can say about it. He completed just two of eight passes for 20 yards. Trubisky, on the other hand, came in with 1:42 remaining in the first half and ran the team’s two-minute drill with ease.

He looked in command of the offense and hit veteran Victor Cruz on a 2-yard touchdown pass with 13 seconds on the clock:

In the second half, he looked comfortable and accurate throwing on the run, executing a 75-yard scoring drive on the Bears’ first possession:

He got the team in position for a fourth-quarter field goal, too:

Glennon wasn’t nearly so lucky. His second pass of the game was a pick-six. Poor line play didn’t help, but he never got into a rhythm, and it showed in his quarterback rating, which was zero:

But to understand how the NFL reached the point that it accused the NFLPA of victim blaming, we have to first rewind the clock a little bit. Early Wednesday morning, Yahoo! Sports published a report that said Elliott’s accuser, an ex-girlfriend, spoke to a friend via text about the possibility of blackmailing the running back with sex videos involving herself and Elliott.redskins_007_3367fdd4e46f3691-180x180

Rodgers has been the NFL’s King in the North for a while now

Jon Snow: The King of the North has faced adversity and was even down for the count but came back stronger than ever. There’s an obvious football analogy there. It’s a little similar to Rodgers struggling with a collarbone fracture and poor postseason showing in 2013 only to bounce back with an MVP season in 2014.

Rodgers has been the NFL’s King in the North for a while now, so this fits just right.

(Relax Patriots fans. New England is in the Northeast. Let the middle of the country have something, geez.)

Unfortunately, Rodgers already revealed the answer in an interview with The Ringer. Click if you want the answer and to read all his other Game of Thrones opinions. But I definitely don’t know Rodgers’ favorite restaurant in Green Bay, so it’s a little more fun to play the game and guess.

Limited Youth Gerald Everett Jersey Most notably, both Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson were labeled oft-injured after suffering debilitating injuries in New Orleans.

Limited Damian Jones Jersey Gordon missed 173 of 394 possible regular season games between 2011 and 2016 with the Pelicans, including injuries to both knees, his shooting wrist, and shoulder. In his first season in Houston, he won Sixth Man of the Year, playing 75 games and averaging 16.2 points on 37 percent three-point shooting.

Anderson underwent season-ending neck surgery in 2013 and missed 37 combined games the following two seasons. He played in 72 games as a stretch-four in Houston, shooting 40 percent from three-point range.

I sat in the same seat for the actual MLB All-Star Game, and the mood felt completely different.

So definitely before that World Series win and the superstition is creeping in here. Now John’s dilemma is that his wife wants him to paint over it while they’re renovating the house … Would you be the superstitious type to leave it if it wasn’t you up there?
Zach LaVine Limited Jersey
Oh, absolutely. No I’m keeping it. If I was a Dodger fan I would be keeping it in there, absolutely right. Something that’s true about athletes, and not just solely limited to baseball players, but athletes are quite superstitious. Sometimes it’s just a little bit below level and sometimes it’s just a subtext of something else of what they’re doing.

Sometimes it’s pretty subliminal, and sometimes it’s not — it’s pretty audacious. But I don’t think just leaving a mural on the wall is going to be much of a problem at all here.

Youth Darrius Heyward-Bey Jersey With the Dodgers blowing everybody away so far this year — they’re setting 50-game stretch records and their pace is incredible — it looks like they’ll at least have a shot at it all. You were a part of the team that won it last for LA, do you have any thoughts on this year’s team?

One night later, I sat in the same seat for the actual MLB All-Star Game, and the mood felt completely different. There were some empty seats where there hadn’t been on Monday, and fans were more subdued. Sure, they still danced in the stands and did the wave and tried to get on the Jumbotron, as one does. It was lovely, but it wasn’t … electric.

You know what it felt like? Like we’d gotten to the end of a really fabulous meal when the waiter comes over and says, Does anyone want to see a dessert menu? And you all look at each other, and one person starts to say, Nah, the check would be fine, before someone else says, Well, we can just look, and then next thing you know you’re splitting a molten chocolate cake and a lemon mousse even though you’re pretty full and could’ve just gone home.

‘I’m not trying to be a celebrity’: A night with Marlins Man at the All-Star Game

Laurence Leavy is sitting in the exclusive Diamond Club of Marlins Park, eating a huge piece of rainbow cake. He loves this cake. This is the best cake in the world, he tells me, as he scrapes all the frosting off the side. He puts the huge spoonful of sugar and butter in his mouth, then separates the different colored layers from each other. He starts making his way through them, but not in ROY G. BIV order.

Specifically, attempts to widen the league’s fanbases in Asia, England, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic between 2018 and 2021.

Chicago has been clicking on offense with an average of six runs per game over that 13-game streak while allowing three runs or fewer in 11 of its last 12 games.

Elite Kids Jarret Stoll Jersey Trade acquisition Quintana has been sharp in his first two starts with his new team, picking up two wins with a 2.08 ERA and a 0.77 WHIP while striking out 19 in 13 innings pitched.

Quinten Rollins Kids Jersey Milwaukee got completely crushed by the Washington Nationals on Thursday night, allowing eight home runs in a 15-2 blowout loss. The loss brought an end to a dismal road trip for the Brewers, who went just 2-8 away from home.

The Brewers are hoping to turn things back around and retake control of first place in the NL Central with a strong performance at home this weekend. Milwaukee is 28-24 at home on the season and 9-2 in its last 11 games at home.

Friday night’s total is set at nine runs at online sports betting sites. The OVER is 8-0 in the last eight games between these two division rivals.

The worst-ever starting quarterback for every NFL team

It was darkest for the Packers, right before the magic they have enjoyed with Don Majkowski, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Everything with Wright was wrong, as they went 7-25 in his five seasons from 1984-’88. He completed only 53.8 percent of his passes despite averaging 6.1 yards per attempt.

Because the Texans have been around just 15 years and got seven pretty good ones from Matt Schaub, Carr is the worst of the limited options. He endured the most brutal stint for a No. 1 overall pick going to an expansion team and never could recover from being rattled for a record 76 sacks as a rookie. He had a high of only 16 touchdown passes despite getting Andre Johnson in Year 2. They went 22-53 with Carr from 2002-’06. At least the Texans were able to somehow win a division title in one year of Brock Osweiler.

They have bungled a lot of franchise QB decisions over the years, but none was worse than Smith, an all-out bust as the No. 3 overall pick in the 1999 draft. His impressive play didn’t translate well from Oregon, as he quickly became a lame Duck in only winning 3 of his 17 career starts. He had just five touchdown passes to his name and took sacks on 11 percent of his dropbacks. It’s capped by an atrocious 46.6 completion percentage.

Matt Ryan: “Every year you go through training camp, you have days where it’s really good and days where it’s not so good. But the thing that fires me up is that good or bad, guys come back to work the next day ready to go. There’s a lot of focus, there’s a lot of energy. We’ve got a lot of young guys out there flying around. Our defense specifically is really young, really talented and they look really fast. But like every year we have a long way to go before the season rolls around.”

Even coming off an MVP season, what were the areas you worked to improve this offseason?dolphins_088

Derek Jeter’s Marlins bid favored after Jeb Bush drops out, report says

Former Yankees captain Derek Jeter is the clear favorite to purchase the Marlins, according to an unidentified member of the group including Jeb Bush that this week dropped out of the process, the Miami Herald reported.
Youth Juan Samuel Jersey
Youth Chad Kelly Jersey The Jeb Bush-Wayne Rothbaum group quietly bowed out, the Herald reported, citing multiple unidentified industry sources, leaving Jeter’s group and Miami businessman Jorge Mas as the remaining bidders.

The numbers beyond W’s and L’s — Sale is 6-3 against AL East foes this season, other Red Sox starters are 15-9 — are striking, as The Globe’s Alex Speier points out:

Among those who have made at least four starts this year against AL East teams, Sale has the lowest ERA (2.06), the lowest opponents’ batting average (.172), OBP (.221), and slugging percentage (.279), the highest strikeout rate (41.2 percent of all hitters), and the best WHIP (0.79). He’s doing all of this while averaging the most innings per start (7 1/3) of any pitcher against AL East foes.

In short, given not only his performance this season but also his dominance in recent seasons, this is why the Red Sox acquired him in December.

Now, Speier writes, he has an opportunity to demonstrate just how capable he might be of carrying the weight of a pennant race on his shoulders.

Pipe dream? Not necessarily: Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi reported the Astros and Tigers have been in talks that revolve around Verlander. Dallas Keuchel voiced disappointment with Houston’s lack of movement at the trade deadline; that could force the Astros to consider taking on money (and lots of it, in Verlander’s case) for the stretch run.

The two players most likely to move are both on the Mets: Jay Bruce and Asdrubal Cabrera. Bruce is in the midst of one of the best offensive seasons of his career and can become a free agent following the season. He does have a partial no-trade clause that could throw a wrench into things.

Troy Tulowitzki’s contract, health put Blue Jays in difficult position

Youth Derrick Johnson Jersey Last week marked two years since the Blue Jays traded for Troy Tulowitzki. It was one of the most unexpected deadline deals in recent memory, one which took place in the early hours of July 28, 2015, and caught nearly all of baseball off guard.

Elite Kids Von Miller Jersey The acquisition was one of the driving factors behind the Jays’ second-half turnaround in 2015 and their eventual American League East title.

Two years later, Tulowitzki is the sole holdover from the club’s whirlwind 2015 trade deadline. And after 238 games in a Jays uniform, the honeymoon phase has gradually worn off for Tulo in Toronto. Now, he’s on the disabled list with an ankle injury that may spell an end to his 2017 season.

As magical as it was for the Blue Jays to acquire a player of Tulowitzki’s caliber, they now have to deal with the repercussions of having a shortstop entering his age-33 season who’s under contract for three more seasons. The Blue Jays owe Tulowitzki $58 million on the remainder of his contract, which includes a $4 million buyout for the 2021 season.

The players didn’t take a generic smile-and-wave approach famous people so often use as their default. They actively sought out eye contact. They actively made connections, however brief and fleeting.

That made me think back to one other thing Smoltz told me in that interview.

I tell people all the time, if you get a chance to go, you’ve got to go once, he said. You’ve just got to see it. This small town, in the middle of nowhere, where thousands of people pack into a one or two-stoplight city, you can imagine it’s pretty unique.

He’s absolutely right.

Kirk Cousins says all the right things even after Washington tried to throw him under the bus

Elite Mens Mitch Williams Jersey
First, Washington failed to get a long-term deal done with Kirk Cousins by the franchise deadline. Then the team topped that off by publicly throwing its quarterback under the bus. But on Tuesday, Cousins said all the right things during a radio appearance on 106.7 the Fan.

Act up and get a first class trip to jail, Bryant wrote in another post, urging everyone to behave well at the public park where he’ll hold the event.

On my life I didn’t ask for no media attention…I just wanted to have fun with my people, Bryant added. (Dez: I am sorry about writing this post. That you are putting on a big summer party in your hometown that’s open to everyone is genuinely great.)

The Lufkin News touched base with a local government official, who sounds pumped.

Mike Akridge, director of Lufkin Parks and Recreation, said several representatives for Bryant called him late Wednesday afternoon to determine the best place to hold the event. With its spacious parking, Kit McConnico was the best choice for what will probably be a big crowd, Akridge said.
Elite Mens Josh Shaw Jersey
With only one day’s notice to prepare the park, city officials are going to do what we can to make it look as good as possible, Akridge said.

I think it’s a great thing, Akridge said. He’s coming back to his hometown, and he’s going to give back, let people see him and get to meet him, and bring some food for people — it should be fun for everybody.

Brown is under contract for two more seasons

Bell wants to be paid as a No. 1 running back and a No. 2 receiver, which isn’t likely to happen. Last year, Bell had 1,268 yards on the ground, and he was still Pittsburgh’s second-leading receiver with 616 yards. But his production doesn’t matter. Teams don’t value feature backs at $15 million per year. Still, Bell deserved a long-term deal from Pittsburgh, and now there’s no chance of that until 2018.

Holding out won’t change the fact that Bell’s options are limited. He can either sign the tag and play this season, or he can sit out and lose a paycheck for every week of the regular season he misses. The time has passed for the Steelers to offer him a long-term deal, so that $12 million is the best Bell is going to do this year.

Brown is under contract for two more seasons, and the team doesn’t have a sense of urgency about getting an extension done. General manager Rick Smith went so far as to say the team has no contract dispute with Brown. But considering that Brown skipped OTAs and mandatory minicamp and is now staying home from training camp, it’s pretty obvious this is a holdout.

The three-year rule is especially pertinent under the current CBA. With rookies locked into four-year contracts, teams have the 2017 season to decide whether their 2014 draft picks are worth keeping around. They also need to make a decision on their first-round picks, who are eligible for a fifth-year option in 2018 but could also see a massive extension if they’re good enough.

The 2013 draft was largely a dud, but thankfully there were a lot more interesting players in the 2014 draft. Just a quick scan of the first round reveals star players who walked in and immediately made their teams better. There are also a handful of infamous busts, some of whom involve the same team (look away, Cleveland Browns fans!). Nevertheless, this was a vast improvement on 2013 and could end up being one of the best drafts of the modern era when all is said and done.

Will Fuller broke his collarbone, and he’ll miss 2-3 months

Texans wide receiver Will Fuller will be out indefinitely after breaking his collarbone in practice on Monday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. He is expected to miss anywhere from two to three months, putting his return in October or even November.

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien confirmed that Fuller is set to return this season:

One of the best feelings when watching a game has to be just sharing that experience with other people. You can watch it with friends, family, or strangers at a bar. But when something special happens, you’re all part of it. And you can do this with just a TV.

Elite Mens Doug Martin Jersey But some events are more unique just because you were at the arena or stadium. The game itself doesn’t have to be a championship game or anything. In fact, a random regular or preseason game that you remember vividly could be as important to you than any title. It’s all on how you experienced and remember it.

Authentic Mens Frank Zombo Jersey Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beater that wasn’t for the Wizards in 2015 was so freakin’ cool … until it was called off. This was the same series that Pierce didn’t call bank, he called game. I’ll never forget hearing my mom scream for like two straight minutes and the entirety of the Verizon Center shook. I wish I could forget having to explain to her that the shot didn’t count though.

Fuller was hoping to rebound from what he felt was a tough rookie season. It’s like I just put myself in a shell and just put my head down and [was] just working as hard as I could and just trying to prove myself, he told ESPN’s Sarah Barshop on Monday. I feel like this year I’m just trying to have more fun with it, and I can tell already that it’s a lot more fun for me.