Despite wearing a brace on his left knee, he has moved well in practice and has even scrambled to get first downs. But that all occurred when he was wearing a red jersey, which signifies no contact.

“I could have played in the first two preseason games,” Flacco said. “But you just kind of think: Is it worth it to get a total of three series when you’re putting yourself at risk? Is that really worth it?

“We just have decided that practice would be a really, really good measure of how I feel, and once I was ready to get used to some game reps that the third preseason game would do that. I’m excited to get out there finally.”

From a salary-cap perspective, because Lynch is a rookie and Siemian is working under his rookie deal signed as a seventh-round pick in 2015, the three Broncos quarterbacks count a total of $6.811 million against the salary cap, far less than many teams’ starting quarterback counts against the cap.

Sanchez is the highest-paid of the three by a long shot, counting $4.5 million against the cap. If the Broncos were to release Sanchez because they believe Lynch could be the team’s backup, the team would take a $1 million dead-money hit against the salary cap and would have to pay the $1 million that is fully guaranteed in Sanchez’s contract.

Let’s delve into things in a little more detail:

Getting there/going home:

If you’re driving to the stadium, the Vikings suggest you park in an area of downtown that corresponds to your route getting to the stadium. The team has divided the neighborhoods around the stadium into four zones — red, gold, purple and blue — and has more information here about where you should park, depending on where you’re coming from. If you’re heading to the stadium from Apple Valley, for example, you’d likely take Interstate-35W northbound, take the exits toward downtown Minneapolis and park in the blue zone on the southwest side of the stadium. Fans from Maple Grove, on the other hand, would take Interstate-94 eastbound, enter downtown Minneapolis near Target Field and park in the red zone on the northwest side. Ideally, the plan should help fans get parked sooner and minimize congestion as cars enter and exit downtown.