Beats from Beyonce’s Sorry bounced off the walls of the Hawks’ locker room on Thursday evening. The team had just clinched the fifth seed in the East playoffs. In this position, if the Hawks survive and advance, they could avoid the Cavs until the Eastern Conference finals.

Much like Queen Bey’s lyrics, the Hawks were unapologetic about where they stand. Howard controlled the tunes and sang the refrain: I ain’t sorry.
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Mens Chad Kelly Jersey People been counting us out, Howard said. But all we gotta do is keep winning; y’all will come around if we just keep on winning games.

Schroeder, the mercurial fourth-year point guard leading the Hawks for the first time in his career, was even more defiant when asked about media doubts.

I saw Charles Barkley had said we weren’t going to make the playoffs, Schroeder said. I know they get paid to talk s—, so we aren’t worried.

Starting Sunday, the Hawks have the chance to prove everyone wrong again. It’s a far cry from where they were just ten days ago.

Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who called player rest an extremely significant issue said earlier this month that the analytics are there: I only say this is a complex issue because many of our coaches have pointed out that as disappointing as it is for any individual fan on a night where a player is rested, if we all came to the point where we accepted the science (and) the medical data supports genuine resting as improving performance and prolonging careers and reducing injuries, I think we’d all have to agree that it does make sense at certain points in the season to rest players.

The argument will likely be pushed aside during the playoffs since players aren’t resting now, but expect this to be a major topic in the offseason.