Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck made headlines in 2011 when he revealed a virus developed in the nerves of his left vocal cord. Turns out, he made that up. The real reason he had trouble speaking was due to a hair plug procedure that went wrong.

Mens Brian Boyle Jersey What people also may not know is while recovering from the hair restoration procedure he was going through a divorce. He escaped to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to take some time off but ended up in another predicament.

Buck said on the Dan Le Batard Show Monday despite wanting to peacefully relax in Cabo, he ended up drinking tequila for most of the vacation and even ended up passing out at a bar after taking marijuana edibles.

My apathy is weird because, in theory, the Home Run Derby seems like something that would excite me, like the first televised spring training game of the year. Alas, my reaction to both is the same.

Normally, I love watching guys hit long homers. In real games, hit all the dingers you want. I’ll watch every one with glee. But it’s not the same in the Derby. The ooohs and aaahs are good for about five minutes of entertainment, then I’m ready for Netflix. There’s nothing at stake. It’s televised batting practice.

Mens James Hanna Jersey Am I wrong? Am I missing something?

Yes, good stories sometimes emerge at the Derby, such as Josh Hamilton’s big showing in 2008 or the anticipated Giancarlo Stanton-Aaron Judge clash Monday. But I just can’t get excited about it anymore. Maybe I’m in the minority, or maybe there’s a silent majority that agrees with me. Oh, I know! We’ll settle this with a highly scientific Twitter poll.